Custom Showers

Custom Frameless Showers

Side Hinge

Side hinge showers consists of a panel that hinges either directly to a wall, or to a fixed piece...

Top and Bottom hinge

Top and Bottom Hinges create a different aesthetic with glass that appears to float in space. The...

Concertina hinge

Concertina hinge showers are a specially designed answer to small spaces, or where clients want t...

Steam Showers

Frameless Shower

Aluview pioneered and proved to the industry that frameless Steam Showers are not only possible, ...

Framed Shower

Aluview have taken the concept of the traditionally styled framed sh...

Sliding Showers

Contemprary (Duplo)

The Duplo Slider was created as a response to the aesthetic look of exposed workings , breaking w...

Big Enclosures (Emperor)

The Emporer Slider addresses a niche need for a slider than can handle large sliding panels on a ...

Chic (City Slider)

The City Slider addresses a popular aesthetic look. Importantly it allows for corner entry shower...

Concealed (Oubaai)

The Concealed Slider is unique answer to creating a space where function is completely hidden, th...


Fixed Bath Screen

Aluview’s fixed bathscreens can be made from 6 or 8mm toughened gl...


Swing Bathscreens are a beautiful addition to a bathroo...


Folding bath screens make for maximum usage of tight spaces. Using s...


Sliding bath screens transform ordinary baths into shower enclosures...

Framed Showers

Standard Framed Showers

Traditionally styled framed showers are ideal for large bathrooms, o...

Walk In Showers

Standard Walk in Shower

Walk in showers are a popular style for spacious bathrooms, particul...

Semi Frameless Showers

Semi-frameless Shower

Semi-frameless showers are a specifically crafted system where one v...


Thanks Marge

You’ll be hearing from me soon wrt to the other bathroom.

Thanks for the great service (and the interesting laughs with the dog story.

Best Wishes


Good day,

I have started to renovate my bathroom early in 2010, and as this is the only bathroom in my house, the planning stage took the longest, reason being that I required the bathroom and toilet to be ‘operational’ after every completed task. Therefore, the main working day I decided upon was a Saturday … many Saturdays.

Without elaborating too much on the details of this enormous task, I always ended up with a big ‘question mark’ regarding the bath screen for the in-bath shower. After many hours of research I have stumbled across the website of Aluview, and it contained all the custom-made measurements I initially sought after. Hence, the Diosa bath screen became my first choice since it fitted my requirements like a glove.

As I am situated in Cape Town and Aluview in Gauteng, I initially gave up the possibility of having my dream come true, as this product is unique and only available in the Gauteng region. My perception was that, in general, South African businesses have forgotten what good customer service entails.

After a couple of phone calls, I met ‘two angels’, namely Marge and Barbara. In short, the bath screen was couriered to Cape Town, along came an exceptionally outstanding installation technician, David, whom collected and installed it professionally. To my surprise, Marge contacted me to make sure that I was satisfied with the product delivered and service rendered.

The ‘cherry on the cake’, is that it all happened within 5 days.

I am truly a very satisfied customer.

ind regards,