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How to Amplify Light Using Mirrors: Bright Home Design Ideas

Mirrors aren't just a household accessory to help you get dressed in the mornings or check your hair one last time before heading out the door. Mirrors are also a key design feature for any home or business, because of t...
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Optimal Wine Storage: Things you should really consider

The art of winemaking could be considered a science, depending on how you look at it. Whichever definition you choose, winemaking is definitely a process that requires a lot of precision and consistency.  Before you...
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Hygienic benefits of having a glass sports shower

Choosing the ideal sports shower might turn out to be a daunting task largely due to the numerous options available on the market today. There is no doubt a lot goes into consideration when making this critical decision....
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Do You Have the Best Choice for Glass Window Fittings in Your Home?

Buying a new home, renovating an older one or simply just doing general maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are many decisions you need to make in this time about which materials will best suit your sp...
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Glass Splashbacks: A Kitchen Must-have

When your kitchen is in need of a little revamp and redo, it’s hard to know where to start. You could replace your cabinets and countertops - a great, but not-so-cost-effective option. The same can be said for replacing ...
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Hi Hilton and Ephriam

I want to applaud and thank you guys tremendously for being such a professional team, your service delivery is just amazing, especially when client services is so pathetic in South Africa.

From the time of quotation to delivery and installation of glass on site was absolute peace of mind.

I am an independent designer in Durban, and have found it effortless to work with your company.

I have done 2 projects so far with you, both carried through over the phone.

Hilton just simplifies communication on measurements and quotations.

Ephriam’s turn around time on ordering and delivery of glass is always earlier than stipulated, which is such a pleasure deadline wise. As well as his follow up on making sure client is satisfied and happy with product and delivery after all is said done, is just what you don’t get anymore.

The two guys, who I profusely apologise on forgetting their names, very pleasant fellas, got on site site and before we could blink, they were done and out of the client’s hair. Job so professionally done and cleaned, no complaint but only praise from the client.

So overall, thank you for making my job effortless all the way from Durban, you are definitely my suppliers of choice(this team in particular) on all my Gauteng clients going forward.


Thanks Marge

You’ll be hearing from me soon wrt to the other bathroom.

Thanks for the great service (and the interesting laughs with the dog story.

Best Wishes