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Glass Partitioning

  The benefits of clear glass partitioning in offices Clear glass partitioning has eliminated traditional dark dingy cubicles where colleagues need to wheel their way around a dusty partitioning to ask a question. O...
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Why Your Glass Windows Need to be Energy Efficient

Why Your Glass Windows Need to be Energy Efficient As a part of new legislation, glass window instillations now have to uphold a certain level of energy efficiency.  This regulation applies to both new residential a...
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Let’s talk about toughened glass as a necessity

We keep hearing about toughened glass and how it is the new necessary, but do any of us actually know why toughened glass is so important? Should we really be paying extra for toughened glass? According to SANS 10400 Par...
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Sliding Glass Doors

The elegant SF 25 sliding glass doors system adds beauty to any home or business with their sleek, unobtrusive designs.Their individually moveable, unconnected sliding glass door panels can be opened ...
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His & Hers Shower Project

When this client explained his idea for a ‘his & hers shower' enclosure we were excited to get involved!It’s not easy to get large shower enclosures to work harmoniously with other features within a bathroom. All too...
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Hi Hilton and Ephriam

I want to applaud and thank you guys tremendously for being such a professional team, your service delivery is just amazing, especially when client services is so pathetic in South Africa.

From the time of quotation to delivery and installation of glass on site was absolute peace of mind.

I am an independent designer in Durban, and have found it effortless to work with your company.

I have done 2 projects so far with you, both carried through over the phone.

Hilton just simplifies communication on measurements and quotations.

Ephriam’s turn around time on ordering and delivery of glass is always earlier than stipulated, which is such a pleasure deadline wise. As well as his follow up on making sure client is satisfied and happy with product and delivery after all is said done, is just what you don’t get anymore.

The two guys, who I profusely apologise on forgetting their names, very pleasant fellas, got on site site and before we could blink, they were done and out of the client’s hair. Job so professionally done and cleaned, no complaint but only praise from the client.

So overall, thank you for making my job effortless all the way from Durban, you are definitely my suppliers of choice(this team in particular) on all my Gauteng clients going forward.


Thanks Marge

You’ll be hearing from me soon wrt to the other bathroom.

Thanks for the great service (and the interesting laughs with the dog story.

Best Wishes