About us

From a specialist aluminum and glass company founded in1987, Aluview has metamorphosed into a specialised shower enclosure manufacturing company. Aluviews primary focus is to provide innovative and technologically advanced solutions tailored to each clients requirements.

With the introduction of the Leola range in 1993, Aluview became a forerunner in the South African shower door industry. The sturdy design and excellent sealing properties resulted in the Leola becoming a virtual standard in gymnasiums and steam rooms nationwide. In 1994,with the procurement of the Lalique agency from Canada, Aluview introduced the first frameless product range to Southern Africa. The fact that this style of product now dominates the shower door industry is a testament to Aluview's foresight.

In the years that have followed, Aluview has continued to expand its product range by securing the exclusive rights to numerous international brands. Most recently Aluview has secured the rights to manufacture the Spring range from Jaccuzzi, France.

Aluview is also proud to have designed and developed many of its own products. Its latest - the soon to be released Eureka - brings substantial improvements to the veteran Leola, offering added elegance in its slender frame while still maintaining equal durability.

Today, we feel confident that our product range can accommodate just about any client's needs. Aluview has a broadclient base, ranging from private home owners to property developers, designers and architects. Significantly, Aluview has managed to secure a large number of prominent hotel contracts across Africa - from the Westcliff and Montecasino Hotels in Johannesburg to the luxurious Arabella in Cape Town and extending to the Saint Geran on the Mauritian islands and the Sheraton Hotel in Gambia


Thanks Marge

You’ll be hearing from me soon wrt to the other bathroom.

Thanks for the great service (and the interesting laughs with the dog story.

Best Wishes


Good day,

I have started to renovate my bathroom early in 2010, and as this is the only bathroom in my house, the planning stage took the longest, reason being that I required the bathroom and toilet to be ‘operational’ after every completed task. Therefore, the main working day I decided upon was a Saturday … many Saturdays.

Without elaborating too much on the details of this enormous task, I always ended up with a big ‘question mark’ regarding the bath screen for the in-bath shower. After many hours of research I have stumbled across the website of Aluview, and it contained all the custom-made measurements I initially sought after. Hence, the Diosa bath screen became my first choice since it fitted my requirements like a glove.

As I am situated in Cape Town and Aluview in Gauteng, I initially gave up the possibility of having my dream come true, as this product is unique and only available in the Gauteng region. My perception was that, in general, South African businesses have forgotten what good customer service entails.

After a couple of phone calls, I met ‘two angels’, namely Marge and Barbara. In short, the bath screen was couriered to Cape Town, along came an exceptionally outstanding installation technician, David, whom collected and installed it professionally. To my surprise, Marge contacted me to make sure that I was satisfied with the product delivered and service rendered.

The ‘cherry on the cake’, is that it all happened within 5 days.

I am truly a very satisfied customer.

Kind regards,